Ice water, is it really a problem?

Can giving my dog ice water cause bloat?

Simple answer… no.

Longer answer….Gastric dilatation-volvulus(GDV) or bloat is a result of the dog swallowing too much air, fluid or both and the stomach “twists”.  It is not caused by a spasming of the stomach as the article would suggest. The stomach would actually have to twist to cause the bloat and not allow air to escape from the stomach. It is much more likely the dog gulped water down too quickly and with the big gulps, swallowed a lot of air causing the stomach to expand.  This is what can lead to bloat.

What to do when your dog is hot…

When your dog is overheated make sure to give them water, but monitor the intake. Dogs who drink too fast, especially larger dogs, are more likely to drink down large amounts of water with the air and lead to bloat.

Safer yet would be to hose them down or apply cool packs to their chest or inside their thighs.

So if you see this link going around facebook (, please know it is not entirely true.

Karen R Pearson, DVM


Cats are Crazy!!!!

In the ten years I have been a vet, there is one thing that has held constant… Cats are nuts and I will never understand them. Genetic diversity has so many positives, but there is something to be said for knowing what you are getting. For instance, most Labs have very similar personalities. When you get a Lab, you know you are (for the most part) looking at a high energy, love ya no matter what, do anything for food kinda dog. Cats, not so much. Their personalities differ from one to the next and you never know what you are gonna get. I guess they can be said to be “like a box of chocolates.”

I wanted to use this blog to tell some of my stories I have heard over the years. Maybe you have a cat just like one of these.

1. My Cousin’s cat: LOVES olives. What? There is no reason this cat should like olives. My cousin did not force feed olives as a kitten or only give olive based food. Nonetheless, I got the call. “Karen, my cat drank a martini to get to the olive, is she going to be okay?” What was that cat thinking? I can barely drink a martini. I would not think an olive would be a worthy prize. P.S. She was fine.

2. The smart cat: I had a client whose cat would jump on the counter and start the can opener to signal he was hungry. How obnoxious is that?

3.  The Old Lady Torturer: Ever try to put a cat on a diet. I had one elderly client who tried. Her cat started to chase her around the house and attack her until she gave it more food.

4.  The Devil: Once at an old job, embarrassingly, a veterinary assistant accidentally sent the wrong cat home with the wrong owner. That was not the worst part, they sent a terribly mean cat to the wrong home. A couple technicians and I went to the owner’s house to retrieve the cat. This cat, no lie, started walking upright on its hind legs when the person let it out of the carrier. Imagine letting your cat out of the carrier, to find it is another cat possessed walking on its hind legs. Eek!

Let’s face it, most cats have some type of quirk. They lay on our heads as if we do not need to breathe while sleeping; they get the night spasms where they tear through the house and jump high, just to use their claws to shred whatever it is they are holding while they slide down; they sometimes decide to use the word “pissed” literally and urinate all around the house just to prove they are mad (however trying to figure out exactly why they are mad proves to be a very daunting task); and to top it off, they really just run the entire household.

Hey, but this is just my opinion

Karen R Pearson, DVM

Kona, the olive eating cat

Kona, the olive eating cat