New Product: Tri-COX Soft Chews

We have a new product for pets – Ask our Veterinarians about Tro-Cox Soft Chews for your pets:

Joint care formula containing UC-II, astaxanthin, glucosamine, MSM and creatine in a palatable liver flavored soft chew.Tri-COX Soft Chews

TriCOX™ contains a unique blend of ingredients to help support the joint function in many ways. UC-II is a patented form of undenatured collagen that helps maintain a normal immune response to prevent auto-immune attacks on the joint.

Boswellia extract helps maintain normal inflammatory response within the joint.

Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that has been proven to be 6,000 times more potent than vitamin C.

TriCOX™ also brings the cartilage building blocks glucosamine and MSM, and muscle support with creatine.

TriCOX™ is formulated using the TRP Soft Chew technology, giving the product unparalleled softness and palatability. It is recommended for managing osteoarthritis. Excellent for elderly dogs, active and working dogs, dogs with joint stiffness and discomfort, or dogs that may have difficulty rising, jumping or taking stairs. Can be used in a protocol with NSAIDs.

Please feel free to contact us here at Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital & Luxury Pet Resort with any questions or concerns. (301) 874-8880.


One thought on “New Product: Tri-COX Soft Chews

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